Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Dog Days

Just wanted to take the time to say that I'm an idiot for starting up the blog in June. This is the heart of the dead time before training camp begins. There are no stories, there is no news, and there is no reason to talk about the NFL. Eric Boland's last blog post was about how Jets players play golf. While that might be easy to make fun of, I kind of enjoyed it, so more power to him.

This is always the time of the year the Jets message boar I go on, (which I will often call TGG, so get used to it), does its annual "Best Jet Ever" polls at each position. The only Jets news in the past month are the signing of AJ Schable, the release of Shawn McMackin, and this one tidbit I saw on rotowire.

The Jets are expressing some interest in former Lions runningback Kevin Jones, watching him work out. Jones is a good runningback when he's healthy, however rare that may be, but why would the Jets look at another back? Is he going to replace Jesse Chatman? Leon Washington, Thomas Jones, and Tony Richardson are locks to make the team, while Chatman and Musa Smith are likely going to fill out the runningback corps. Do the Jets really need more competition there? I won't complain, but it's curious.

By the way, the Jets aren't going to sign Kevin Jones. They may have no interest, but I would be shocked if he was brought in. Hopefully I don't screw that guarantee up because that would be an awful way to start a blog, but so be it.

I'll post another article I wrote off Bleacher Report soon, about how the Jets could have a top five defense next season. Imagine that.

Update: (1:06 AM) By the way, Joba Chamberlain all of a sudden is the Yankees ace. Moving him to the rotation looks pretty good now, doesn't it?


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