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Top Tips For Football Betting

So, you’ve got the grasp of betting on the football but how do you really make the most of it? Shopping around for the best odds can enhance the chances of you winning more money, rather than settling on the first bookies you see, try looking at who offers the best deals. Does one particular company offer any cash incentives when you register? Do they continue to offer any good deals once you’ve signed up? It is also best to try using an odds comparison site, that way you can get an overall view of who offers the best odds too. If you’re going to make a bet, you might as well get as much money out of it as possible.

To know who to bet on to get greatly increase your chances of winning, research is key. At first, who to bet on might seem quite obvious but take your time to look through team data to see how your chosen team is doing at the minute. A lot of teams have their own page solely for data on match performances etc. Look at specific statistics like shots/possession, goals, corners and bookings because this will also give you a better idea if you want to bet on more specific betting markets.

It is also worth looking into the best football market to bet on. Which type of bet is going to get you the most from your money? Which market offers the best odds with your money? Over/Under market is a good direction to go in and it is pretty simple to understand. Basically you have to decide whether the game will finish with the stated amount of goals, under or over. This type of bet is good because there are fewer outcomes; in fact there are only two. offers this particular type of bet. Again, to get the best results from this it is advantageous to know your stats, so do follow the advice above about checking stats before you make a bet.

If you are more of a horse race betting man then make sure you check out the to get the latest free bets offers.

Review of American Football Themed Slots Games

Casino games based on American football match playing fantasy football, as a popular alternative to conventional NFL betting, and there are plenty of different such casino games at online casinos for fans to choose from. Possibly the most well-known one is $5 Million Touchdown - in no small part due to the fact that it derives its name from the maximum amount you can win playing it. The game has more to recommend it than just money though, as the other half of its name comes from the brilliant bonus game – where you have to pass a football between players, to get bonus credits, and try to score a touchdown. Rewarding both financially and entertaining, it’s a slots game any NFL fantasy football lover should enjoy.

Another great American football themed slots game is Pigskin Payout, has perhaps the best graphics of all. The game has a stadium backdrop and the reels are designed to look like a football scoreboard, while the reel icons are in the familiar shapes of cheerleaders, quarterbacks and referees. Pigskin Payout is also a video slots game, and this aspect comes into play when you get a winning reel, which leads to the reel icons coming to life: the cheerleader dances, the ref peeps his whistle, and the quarterback moves to avoid being tackled. In addition to all this, the ‘Jackpot Can’t Lose’ bonus game ensures that it is almost as lucrative as $5 Million Touchdown.

Finally you have the very unusual Fruit Bowl XXV, which is a bizarre concept in which fruits like bananas, strawberries and grapes double as football players on the reel icons. You also get a plum cheerleader and cherries as the fans in the crowd, while Fruit Bowl XXV also contains a fine bonus game. This requires you to duck and weave past players in an attempt to score a touchdown, with your success rate potentially activating the free or multiple spins feature. This is certainly the quirkiest American football slots game on the market, which could give it real appeal to NFL fantasy football fans.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New York Jets draft review

The 2011 draft was one of the strangest in its long history. With the lockout off, then back on again during the three days, it's unsure whether or not this is the last football transactions we will see this year. Nevertheless, it was another banner draft for Mike Tannenbaum and the New York Jets, as the Jets did a great job matching need and value.

1. Muhammad Wilkerson - DT - Temple
At 6-4, 315 pounds running a sub 5-second 40-yard dash, Wilkerson is an athletic specimen. His wingspan is over 7 feet, and his production matches his measurables. Wilkerson had 70 tackles, 9.5 sacks, and 13 tackles for a loss as a junior.

With Kris Jenkins out last season, the Jets relied on quiet but dependable veterans on the line like Sione Pouha, Shaun Ellis, and Mike DeVito. Wilkerson adds an athletic specimen to the list who is an ideal fit for the five-technique on first and second downs. On third downs, he's big and athletic enough to shift inside to get more pass rushers onto the field.

While several pass rushing outside linebackers were on the board like Akeem Ayers, Brooks Reed, and Jabaal Sheard, the Jets felt Wilkerson would add the most to an already potent defense. Most mock drafts had him going higher in the first round, so the value matches the need moreso than the linebackers.

The two biggest flaws on Wilkerson are that he occasionally takes plays off, and the competition level isn't that high in the MAC. However, his production and athleticism make the sky the limit for Wilkerson in Rex Ryan's defense.

3. Kenrick Ellis - NT - Hampton
It didn't seem possible, but the Jets actually drafted someone even bigger than Wilkerson with their second pick. A man Mike Tannenbaum called one of the two true nose tackles in the draft (along with Baylor's Phil Taylor), Kenrick Ellis will have the task of replacing Kris Jenkins. The Jets were happy to grab the 36th ranked player on their board late in round 3.

At 6-5, 345, Ellis is one of the biggest men in the draft. His size helped him dominate competition at Hampton as a senior, tallying an astounding 94 tackles. He's surprisingly athletic for a man his size, with a much bigger motor than one might expect.

Of course, a productive and athletic 345 pound behemoth wouldn't fall to late round 3 without some risk involved, and Ellis certainly has that. He's facing a trial later this year for assault that could put him in jail for 20 years. However, it's expected since the man he assaulted first attacked him with a baseball bat. Could you blame him for breaking the guy's jaw?

There are also the multiple failed drug tests that got him kicked out of South Carolina his freshman year. So there are plenty of red flags with Ellis. But the Jets did a lot of background work on Ellis, and they feel that he has learned from his previous mistakes and is ready to become a successful NFL player. If he can, the Jets may have just found their future nose tackle.

4. Bilal Powell - RB - Louisville
A runningback? That's the first thought many Jets fans had when they first heard this pick. With Shonn Greene, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Joe McKnight already on board, runningback wouldn't seem to be a glaring need.

Still, Powell is the pick, and looking further into it, the pick makes sense. Greene showed up in less than ideal shape last season and has been prone to nicks and bruises. Tomlinson is entering likely his last season as a Jet. McKnight was less than impressive as a rookie. So while the Jets have three good options at runningback, there is opportunity to be seized if Powell can impress.

Like Greene, Powell is a one-year wonder known for his physicality. While not as bruising as Greene was in college, Powell is a more well-rounded back, who can catch the ball, show good vision, and contribute on special teams. For a team intent on being a run-first team, the more backs with fresh legs, the better, and Powell will offer that.

Clearly, the Jets valued Powell very highly. He made an appearance at the Jets' Florham Park facility in the pre-draft process, and the Jets chose him over more obvious needs like depth in the secondary. In year one, he'll likely compete with Joe McKnight to be active. If all goes well, it's not impossible he can compete with Greene for the starting job next season.

5. Jeremy Kerley - WR - TCU
Finally, the real Mike Tannenbaum showed up. He couldn't sit back without making any trades up. When the list of approximately five players he wanted dwindled down to one, he jumped up eight spots to secure Kerley, a receiver who projects as a special teamer and slot receiver.

While he doesn't have great size or straight-line speed, Kerley has some of the quickest feet among receivers in the draft. He's been one of the top return men in college football three years in a row. An extremely versatile player, Kerley probably will replace Brad Smith, who is likely to leave as a free agent.

He also offers protection in case Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards leave. It's very possible the Jets lose one of them and Smith as well, which would leave Patrick Turner as the main receiver after Holmes/Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery. Kerley projects as a shifty slot receiver who could be an ideal compliment to Cotchery and whichver receiver the Jets resign. There's also a good chance Kerley becomes the new kick or punt return man, though he'll have a lot of competition for those jobs.

7. Greg McElroy - QB - Alabama
The Jets are going back to the Alabama quarterback well, hoping to relive the magic of Joe Willie Namath. Not Richard Todd. McElroy wore number 12 at Alabama in honor of Namath, and he lived up to the number's reputation with his play on the field. McElroy finished his college career 24-3 as a starter, completing 66% of passes in his college career.

While he lacks the upside of many of the other quarterbacks in this class, McElroy is known as a cerebral, accurate quarterback. He threw one interception every 65.8 attempts in college, the best mark in SEC history. McElroy projects to be a game manager type in the pros, with good accuracy on short passes, and the intelligence and leadership to win games. He lacks great arm strength or a super compact throwing motion, but the Jets don't need him to be the starter.

The Jets' backup quarterbacks currently are the ancient one Mark Brunell, former 2nd round pick bust Kellen Clemens, and former Jackass 3D star Erik Ainge, who spent all of last year in drug rehab. There is room for a developmental quarterback type on the roster, with either Brunell or Clemens as the primary backup for now. McElroy will never likely challenge Sanchez for the starting job, but if he can be the long-term backup, the Jets would be very happy.

7. Scotty McKnight - WR - Colorado
No pick made Mark Sanchez happier than this one. Scotty McKnight has probably been Sanchez's best friend since the age of 8. They've developed a rapport throwing the ball around the yard from a young age, so you know Sanchez loved this pick. He was even presence at McKnight's draft party to help him celebrate the news.

As a player, McKnight lacks the ideal measurables of a receiver, at 5-11, 182, but he's also not too short to succeed. He doesn't jump as high or run as fast as people look for, but he catches everything thrown his way. He wasn't invited to the combine because of these measurables, but he was a productive college player, and he'll be a feel good story in camp. He'll draw the inevitable comparisons to Wayne Chrebet, another undersized white Jets receiver with hands of glue, and with his relationship to Sanchez, he'll be a feel-good story.

His chances of making the team will depend largely on who the Jets sign in the offseason. If Holmes and Edwards are both brought back with Cotchery, and Kerley the higher drafted player, McKnight be battling Sanchez's college teammate Patrick Turner for a roster spot.

Sanchez said before the draft that whoever got McKnight would be getting a steal. Little did he know that it would be his own team heeding his advice.

Overall, this was a great draft on paper by Tannenbaum. Obviously, grading the draft the night it finishes is a completely inexact science, but Wilkerson, Ellis, Powell, Kerley, and McElroy were all largely predicted to go earlier than when the Jets picked them. Wilkerson and Ellis also directly addressed the need for size and youth on the defensive line. While the Jets didn't grab a pass rushing linebacker as expected, this wasn't a great draft class for that type of player. Instead, the Jets will keep doing what they do to generate pressure, hoping bigger and more athletic bodies up front will create bigger holes for blitzers to run through.

Day three brought all offense on board, which may surprise people thinking the Jets might look to upgrade the defensive backfield, but that was another position this draft class wasn't particularly strong in. A late round defensive back would be unlikely to beat out Dwight Lowery, Drew Coleman, Emanuel Cook, Marquice Cole, or James Ihedigbo. Adding an impact safety or cornerback would have been helpful, but depth wasn't really that big of a need. With three Jets' receivers free agents, the Jets looked to upgrade the back-end of their receiving corps, which have provided very little in previous seasons. Powell and Kerley also should provide a boost on special teams, which should be among the best in the league again with Mike Westhoff at the helm.

Without a 2nd round pick thanks to last year's Antonio Cromartie trade, the Jets were hamstrung to fill all of their needs. However, with the picks they had, it's hard to argue the Jets did anything other than a great job. They added 660 pounds of beef to the defensive line, while adding young skill players that could help provide a spark at some point this season on offense or special teams. There were no picks here that left you scratching your head for long.

Whenever the lockout ends, the next step for the Jets is to try to resign their own players. Without adding any defensive backs in the draft, keeping Antonio Cromartie and Brodney Pool, or replacing them with similar or better players, becomes imperative. Brad Smith's days as a Jet appear numbered, while Braylon Edwards and/or Santonio Holmes are just as important as they were before the draft. Shaun Ellis and LaDainian Tomlinson have certainly been put on notice as well.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reaction: Jets 17, Colts 16

I've been too busy smiling from ear to ear to start writing this post. After a tight football game throughout, the Jets made just enough plays in the 4th quarter to pull out a 17 to 16 win at Lucas Oil Stadium over Rex Ryan's personal nemesis, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

The first half was as sluggish as one could imagine, with the Jets failing to put up a single point. Mark Sanchez was awful. There's no sugarcoating it. He was terrible in the first half, missing a lot of throws high and long, negating the fact the Jets were running the ball with success. When the Jets finally got in scoring range, he made an ill-advised and poor throw that was intercepted by Justin Tryon.

Fortunately, the defense was great. The first three Colts drives ended in three-and-outs, and it wasn't until their fifth drive where Peyton Manning found paydirt. Pierre Garcon burned Antonio Cromartie and Brodney Pool, and Manning did not miss him. Cromartie was beaten badly, and Pool took a bad angle to the football, leading to the 57-yard touchdown.

Just like last year, Garcon was the difference-maker offensively for Indianapolis. He had less than half the receptions this time with 5, but he still had 112 yards and that long touchdown. Antonio Cromartie struggled to deal with Garcon's quickness, particularly on a few slant patterns. On the other side of the field, even Darrelle Revis's biggest fans probably wouldn't have guessed Reggie Wayne would be as non-existent as he was. Wayne ended up with one catch for one yard. Revis was all over him all game long, and Manning, like most quarterbacks this season, would not test him. For good reason.

The Jets would get the ball to start the second half, with a 7-0 deficit. Rex Ryan ripped into his football team in the locker room, particularly the offense and Cromartie for allowing the long touchdown. The team responded. Led by a dominant offensive line, the Jets gashed the Colts on the ground in the second half. With Sanchez struggling, the Jets kept the ball on the ground more, and it worked. In their first drive, the Jets marched 63 yards on 10 plays, 8 of them rushes.

The Colts responded with a decent drive of their own, culminating in a 47-yard Adam Vinatieri field goal, but the Jets picked up where they left off on their second drive. Starting off at their own 13 yard line, the Jets, drove the length of the field, with no play going longer than 11 yards. 10 minutes of game time later, the Jets were in the endzone, giving them their first lead of the game of 4 points.

Once again, Manning got the ball, and once again, he moved the ball well before the Jets finally stiffened and forced another field goal, holding the lead. The last play of the drive was a 3rd-and-7 draw play to Dominic Rhodes. It was the third time in two drives that Manning audibled to a draw play on a 3rd-and-7 or more, but this time, the Jets were there to stop it. Vinatieri made the kick, and it was a 14-13 Jet lead.

The Jets appeared to go three-and-out after Santonio Holmes dropped a catchable pass on third down. But Taj Smith of the Colts ran into Steve Weatherford, prompting a five yard penalty, and giving the Jets new life. Once again, the Jets ran, ran, threw incomplete, and punted, and this time, nobody ran into Weatherford who booted his fourth touchback of the night, tying his season total in that stat.

From there, it appeared to be a slow death for Gang Green. Manning went from his own 20 to the cusp of field goal range in just four plays. But when Manning needed one more first down to ensure the Jets not getting another chance, his pass barely fell incomplete on 3rd down. Vinatieri was given a 50-yard field goal attempt to take the lead, and Vinatieri did what he normally does, drilling a clutch kick in the playoffs to give his team the lead.

Only the Jets weren't done. Antonio Cromartie returned the kickoff 47 yards to the Jet 46. Sanchez then settled down, finding Edwards on a slant for 9, Holmes on an out for 11, and finally Edwards down the sideline for 18 yards to set up Nick Folk's game-winning field goal. Folk made it, saving his Jet career and the season, and sending the Jets to New England.

It certainly wasn't perfect. Sanchez looked horrible for most of the game. The defense couldn't force any turnovers. But the Jets regained their identity of a ground-and-pound running team, finishing with 169 yards on the ground. As a result, they won time of possession by 7 minutes and held Manning to just three drives in the second half.

The Jets have been a resilient team most of the season, and today was no different. They were down 7 at halftime, and they trailed with under a minute left. But they made the plays when they had to. That's the bottom line.

Can the Jets beat the Patriots? That's the key question now. New England is usually dominant at home and after a bye week, but the way they've played for the last month, a week off couldn't really make them much better than they are now. The same questions remain: can Sanchez make enough plays? Can the Jets get any pressure on Tom Brady?

All that matters now is that they have the opportunity. That's all you can ask for at this point. After getting revenge against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year, now they have a chance against the team that embarrassed them just over a month ago. Stage one of the gauntlet has been complete. It's one thing to defeat a banged up Colts team. It's another to knock off Tom Brady and the 14-2 Patriots. But anything can happen. Just look at the Seahawks knocking off the Saints. Or, if you want a Jets' example, look back to week 2 this year, when Gang Green handed the Pats one of their two losses. It won't be easy, and Sanchez needs to play light years ahead of last season. But if the Jets can continue to play solid defense and run the ball like they did today, they have a chance.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jets vs Colts Preview

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
January 8, 2011, 8:00 PM, NBC
Lucas Oil Stadium

After a year of waiting, it's finally put up or shut up time for Rex Ryan's Jets. The offseason was dedicated to finding enough players defensively to beat the Colts, and now, against a beat up Colts squad, the Jets have their chance. Rex Ryan is 0-9 lifetime against Peyton Manning, but with no Dallas Clark, no Austin Collie, and a defense missing several starters, they won't have a better chance to pick off the Colts than now. Being on the road is an obstacle, but unlike last year, the Jets probably have a better team than the Colts, and it's up to proving that on the field. This game here may be the biggest game in Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer's coaching career because unlike last year, the Jets have the personnel to win this game.

When the Jets have the ball...
The Colts' run defense has been maligned all season, but three straight strong performances to close out the season give them some confidence heading into the playoffs. However, in each of those games, they faced one-dimensional running offenses, so they stacked the box and dared them to throw. Jacksonville, Oakland, and Tennessee were all able to throw the ball fairly well, but not well enough to win. Against the Jets, expect the Colts to do more of the same, daring Mark Sanchez to beat them. Sanchez's shoulder sounds like it's okay, but he's a hit-or-miss quarterback. However, he has much better weapons on the outside than any of those teams.

The key is for the Jets to come out and back the Colts defense off a little. Look for the Colts to stack the box again, opening up the passing game on early downs for Sanchez. Schottenheimer needs to trust him to throw the ball on first down. Doing so could allow the Jets to move the ball down the field in chunks and open up the running game for later.

When the Jets do run the ball, Shonn Greene needs to be a big factor. In last year's game, Greene was running very well, starting to gash the Colts defense. His physical running style needs to pound the Colts in the second half. LaDainian Tomlinson can be sprinkled in, particularly on passing downs, but Greene is the better back right now. Now is the time to unleash him.

The biggest strength the Colts have on defense is a set of dynamic pass rushing ends in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. D'Brickashaw Ferguson will likely matchup against Freeney, a key matchup to match all day between an elite pass rusher and an elite pass blocker. Mathis will go against either Wayne Hunter or Damien Woody. Either player can be beat off the edge occasionally by Mathis's speed. Look for a lot of plays with Hunter or Robert Turner eligible at tight end, particularly on passing downs, to help in pass protection. With Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Dustin Keller, Jerricho Cotchery, and a runningback all rotating in and out, there will be enough weapons on the field where the Jets should be able to move the ball. Not to mention the wildcard factor of Brad Smith, who will get a few chances under center as well as handle kick returns in this game. He's a threat any time he has the ball in his hands.

This Colts' defense is hanging on by smoke and mirrors right now. As long as the Jets don't fall into a predictable pattern, they should be able to move the ball. The Colts will play bend-but-not-break defense, but near the endzone, they stiffen up a bit. The Jets need to fight through that and stick the ball in the endzone. They have the personnel to do it. And with Peyton Manning on the other sideline, the Jets need all the points they can get. This is a big game for Brian Schottenheimer, as the Colts' defense can absolutely be beaten, especially if he calls a game that keeps the Colts backpedaling and Sanchez in a rhythm.

When the Colts have the ball...
As always, Peyton Manning runs the Colts' offense. Manning threw more passes than any other quarterback in the NFL, and he had one of the shakier seasons of his career. But his stats look strikingly similar to last year's, even without Dallas Clark and Austin Collie for significant chunks of the season.

This is the game where the loss of those two players will be as big a factor as ever. The best way to beat the Jets is by exposing the linebackers and extra defensive backs in coverage, and to do that, you use tight ends and slot receivers. Clark and Collie may be the best at those particular roles in the NFL at this point. Jacob Tamme is a nice young player, and Blair White works hard, but they aren't nearly as good as the men they are replacing.

However, while Clark and Collie remain out, Joseph Addai is back. Addai ran for 80 yards in last year's AFC Championship, and added a 21 yard touchdown in the regular season battle. He's also the best weapon the Colts have in the passing game out of the backfield. Putting a linebacker on him is a mismatch in the Colts' favor, and Manning can exploit that.

On the outside, the Jets' cornerbacks match up well with the Colts' primary receivers. Darrelle Revis has been great once again this year, only this time around, teams aren't even challenging him. Last year, the man Revis primarily covered, Reggie Wayne, was not a big factor, as Manning exploited Dwight Lowery, Lito Sheppard, and Drew Coleman. Wayne will again see Revis opposite him, meaning Pierre Garcon vs Antonio Cromartie will be a huge matchup. Garcon posted 11 catches for 151 yards and a touchdown in last year's AFC Championship game, but the Jets didn't have Cromartie, a tall, fast athlete who has had a good career against Manning. Both Garcon and Cromartie are inconsistent players. That might be the matchup to watch, as both can make unbelievable plays, and both can suffer mental lapses. One of those players will likely make an impact play to help win the game for his team, so watch out for those two.

The good news for the Jets is that Colts OT Ryan Diem is unlikely to play with a back injury. The Jets have struggled all season to get a consistent pass rush, but with Diem out, that's a big hole at right tackle that will be filled by a rookie free agent. If Jason Taylor and the Jets' edge rushers can generate pressure and force Manning out of rhythm all game, the Jets will almost certainly win this game. More likely, they will get spurts of a pass rush, but Manning will make his fair share of plays.

The Jets are a better team than the Colts at every position except quarterback and pure pass rusher. New York runs the ball better, stops the run better, and stops the pass better than Indianapolis, the keys will be just how dominant Manning and the Colts' passing game can be, and whether or not the Jets can convert yards into points. But when all is said and done, the Jets have more ways to make big plays on all three facets of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. Manning has to be in peak form to win this game and probably put up 30 points or more. It's certainly possible, but he has to outplay Sanchez by a lot, and the Jets will put their fair share of points on the board.
Jets 30, Colts 24

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jets dominate Bills 38-7, prepare for Colts in playoffs

In essentially an exhibition game, the Jets whipped the Buffalo Bills 38-7 to close out the regular season.

The Jets held out LaDainian Tomlinson, Shonn Greene, Darrelle Revis, and Antonio Cromartie, while Mark Sanchez played just one series, not throwing a single pass. Other starters like Nick Mangold and Dustin Keller barely played at all. And even without all of these players, the backups stepped up and not only won the game, but imposed their will on the Bills.

Buffalo was relegated to third string quarterback Brian Brohm, and it showed. In just his second career start, he was overwhelmed by the Jets, who forced six turnovers by the time the game was over. The Bills' offense managed just 162 yards and zero points. The only touchdown was scored on an ill-advised throw by Mark Brunell that Bills' safety Jairus Byrd returned 37 yards for the score.

It was a simply dominant performance by the defense. The only chance the Bills had of scoring was on their very first drive. But safety Emanuel Cook stripped Steve Johnson, and Dwight Lowery recovered it. The Bills never returned to the red zone the rest of the game.

Offensively, without the quarterback, runningbacks, and center, it was a very stripped down Jets' attack. But it didn't matter. Rookie Joe McKnight became the workhorse, getting 32 carries for 158 yards. The much maligned rookie had a huge game, showing patience and burst through the hole, as well as showing off talents returning punts, catching passes, and covering kicks. Fullback John Conner also added 44 yards and a touchdown on 8 carries in a game where the backups received most of the playing time.

You couldn't have written a better script for the Jets. They got the win in dominant fashion while still able to rest their starters. Momentum switches week to week, but a performance like this without the team's stars must be a confidence boost heading into the playoffs.

With Kansas City losing to Oakland, the Indianapolis Colts clinched the #3 seed and the right to host the Jets in the first round of the playoffs. Peyton Manning's team ended the Jets' season last year 12 months ago on the same field, prompting Rex Ryan to acquire Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson to improve the secondary. Now is the time to prove the Jets have made the necessary strides.

Obviously, it's more desirable to face a Matt Cassel-led team than a Manning-led team in the playoffs, but the Colts are a shell of what they were last season. Arguably, Manning's two favorite targets, Dallas Clark and Austin Collie, are injured, and the running game has been inconsistent all season. Defensively, Indianapolis has struggled stopping the run, and the secondary hasn't made many big plays this season. Any team with Manning at quarterback is very dangerous, but the Jets may be the better team.

If the Jets can get by the Colts, their revenge tour would continue in New England. There's a very good chance the Jets need to face Manning, Brady, and Roethlisberger on the way to the Super Bowl, all on the road. This is the hole the Jets have dug themselves. Now, their backs are against the wall. Four wins in a row will bring the first Super Bowl title to the green and white since 1969. Nobody thinks the Jets can do it, but as long as Rex Ryan is inspiring the team, you can never count the Jets out. For despite all of Ryan's bravado, the Jets remain the underdog, albeit a dangerous one.